Mosaics- piano piece

Finally finished something! It's been awhile. This is a solo piano piece, my personal favorite of things to write. 

This is a little bit of an experiment with perpetuum mobile, as the rhythm literally doesn't change in the right hand until the very end. The goal was to keep it fresh and moving despite this, through dynamic changes, modulation, and development of the theme. 

This is authentically me playing this piece, albeit yes with a sample piano-however no editing trickery or midi used. Hence why there are some timing and expression issues, but hopefully nothing too glaring. Score attached for your pleasure. Feel free to critique playing ability, composition, and score- all always can be improved



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  • Hi David,
    I like this! Happy and singing, with a pop-influenced sound, Your performance also sounded good to me, no suggestions there, The score uses a non-standard approach to the treble line, which I think will throw off performers and red-flag this with any publishers: you express 16th-16th-16th-8th (repeat). A standard approach would be four 16ths followed by four 16ths, with the fourth 16th tied to the fifth 16th. Other than that, a very nice piece and thanks for sharing!
  • Hello David,

    I found this really uplifting and pure. In the beginning I got a slightly impressionistic vibe but it quickly went down a beautiful minimalistic road. Very enjoyable and also moving at some moments, well done! Thank you for sharing.

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