This is a small piece that I wrote to start my day with. I used mostly midi, but that's not too important, I had fun writing it and I still have fun listening to it. Thanks for listening, peace.

01 Morning Breath.mp3

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  • Nice fresh, intimate atmosphere on this one. The repeated motifs at the start get stuck in your head like birdsong, which seems appropriate for the title! I wasn't totally feeling the parts where the bass drops out in the first section- I think the effect would work with a bit more fine-tuning. The percussion parts were very smooth- especially the cabasa/ shaker combo towards the end. I'm not sure if the tabla part seems like a bit of an afterthought- it does work to increase the dynamism of the piece, but at the same time it makes it feel like another composition. Let the last chord live on a bit longer!
  • Dear Alton.


    Thanks for posting this! I like the sound of you music! I like it that it has different parts that come after each other very fluently. Though sometimes I miss a little bit the connection between the parts...

  • Thank you and you're welcome. I appreciate your feedback, from the both of you, I am always interested in what people have to say.  The song is connected to a story that has to do with how imagination is essential to life and how life would be grey and dull without it, but the story is written in a more interesting fashion than how I just described least I hope so.

    @ So Hyun Jung - which parts of the piece are you having trouble connecting? I may not have an acceptable answer but I am willing to discuss it if you'd like.

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