• ok,i'll try to do that.

    Raymond Kemp said:

    Would you mind using different headings for your posts please.

    You've already got one called New Trailer Music and I would dispute there being such a thing. IMO, More Of The Same Trailer Music would be more appropriate and I'm speaking generally not just on your attempts at producing it.

    And, maybe give a bit of info on what you've used, samples, synths, DAW etc. what kind of movie promo this would work for?

    Try and widen the scope for discussion and there will be more chance of feedback.


    New Trailer Music!
    hey guys, just finished another trailer track. Let me know what you think, feedback is appreciated.
  • I really like this piece. Particularly your electronic drums near the end. They really pulled it together for me. What do you use? Logic? Pro Tools? Any specific plugins?

  • I use Pro Tools 9(though I'm thinking into other DAW's, i hear they are easier to use). The plugins are all East West Quantum Leap. I used almost all of their libraries in this track. 

    Hllwd Strings and Brass

    Symphonic choirs

    Stormdrum 2

    Ministry of Rock 2



    Solo Violin

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