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Last May I finished my trumpet concerto for soloist and fixed electronic media commissioned by a university and had some recordings that simply either did not make the cut or did not quite fit. A couple of those pieces were the music box one, The Emperor's Enchanted Box, and Meditation. Here's another one I simply call "Moods," which features a drone created by the electronic magnetic waves of planet Jupiter and I also used the Taxed or Jupiter Theme played by euphoniums and tubas near the end of this short little cue while "Jupiter the planet" is playing the drone. This short little ditty probably doesn't quite work as a complete piece but it may covey some different moods. Thanks for listening and thank you more for commenting.

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Hey there Rod, I didn't know you were so into sound sculpture! You seem to have a gift for it, which makes for some interesting results, given your already considerable compositional skills. At first I though I was watching 2001, A Space Odyssey. Very creative! Using the actual music of the spheres makes this a truly cosmic experience!

Hey Thanks Michael! I wasn't into sound sculpture until they wanted the concerto to be soloist and fixed electronic media and then I said, "What the hay, let's do this thing!" It certainly opened a whole new world and a whole new set of possibilities musically. One thing's for certain, you can make your music truly unique writing and recording this way. Thank you so much for the comments and compliments. I've learn a lot in a short period of time, but it's been quite a ride! Plus, it helped open up my mind that writing for orchestral music is not the be-all, end-all to "serious art music,' and you can creat sounds not possible with acoustic instruments.     

It has also opened my world to new clients also, especially in the world of stage and media.

I love the idea of recycling discarded music!

Well, as atmosphere it's a winner. I wasn't too sure about the hymn tune at the end in that it made the piece seem too short, as if more could have been made of that. I like the blend with the earlier two-thirds though and the fade out to, well, nothing. 

Great stuff. A nice (and interesting) listen. Good that it's brought you to notice of a bigger clientele.

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