Mood Build

I wrote this piece after watching Money Ball and listening to the credit music.  I generally have a negative attitude toward overly repetitive music because it feels like a cheep way make a track last longer.  The unimaginative "copy past" format makes me irritated. As a composer I strive to create music that is interesting to listen too.  I want to be able to close my eyes and let the music take me on a journey through emotion and imagination.  I envy composers that can do that. 

After hearing the music in the above movie, I was inspired, and decided to give it a try for myself.       

Mood Build.mp3

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  • Hi Nathan,

    I liked this piece, enjoyed how it slowly builds over time. Rather than have this simply peter out at the end, I can see developing this into a longer, more complex work.


  • I have nothing much to say..

    Filmic. You fully master the art of building up the dynamics.

    Good job

  • Thanks for the feedback.  Robert I have a really hard time creating longer pieces.  I usually hit a wall about mid way through and don't know where I want to go, or how I want to end.  A lot of the time the music evolves simply by accident.  A few random chords or a couple of instruments out of place will give me an idea.  Some times its a good idea, and other times not.  The end result is usually many different ideas back to back without much (if any) development.  Something I've been trying to work on lately, but without much success. 


  • It seems the opportune moment to develop would be around 2:10, where you change the ongoing motif of E-C-B to E-C-B-G# - there's lots of possibilities there - key change, development of the motif into a longer melodic strain, etc.

  • This would be a great opening theme for a suspense or dark fantasy movie, except I would lose the flute...too bright for this piece, at least for me.  I dig your progressions and the pacing.  

  • Nathan,  I say 'Bravo' excellent job all the way. this left me curious for more, as tho'

    leading up the something bigger and even more dynamic.

    The quality of the sound is far better than some I've heard and the individual instruments are clear

    distinct and well used. What program/software did you use ?

    Personally, to me, the flute arrived at the rihgt time and accented the piece 'hand in glove'.

    You really should continue this. RS

  • Thanks for all the input, it is much appreciated. 

    Roger, I am using Sibelius 7 notation software and the sound samples that came with it.  I think most of the instruments sound reasonably good for what they are.

    For a while now I've wanted to create several pieces of music that tie into one another to create a kind of musical story.  So I figure I'll start with this one and see if I can mold it to fit into the other piece I've written.  It's something I've never done before but I think it will be fun.    


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