• Thank you, I really appreciate your comment! 

    michael diemer said:

    Just a beautiful piece, Oliver. Usually I don't like to watch accompanying videos, but in this case it matched the music so perfectly that it took me away from my solitaire game (which, by the way, I have found is a great time to catch up to music on Composers Forum). I especially liked the woodwinds. Very impressionistic stuff. Loved it.

    Monarch Butterflies
    Hello Guys, Let me introduce my brand new symphonic piece, Monarch Butterflies. What do you think? Write below in a comment! 
  • Great use of video to highlight your music.  Sounds perfect for a nature documentary.  I can almost hear David Attenborough's voice coming in!  Great arrangement.  Maybe it lacks a hook in a way that would make it a great stand-alone piece, but depends what your intention was.  As an accompaniment to something it sounds great.

  • wonderful piece of music, the woodwinds section sounds absolutely lovely, the main theme is great. Quite happy with the overall mixing, i would have appreciated a more punchier and dynamic mix with more bite with the percussion but that's a matter of taste,

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