Hello! This is my first submission to this forum, so please be nice!

This is my first attempt at an orchestral work. Please feel free to leave feedback or suggestions... in fact, I encourage it!


In case the youtube embed failed... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_T6mz-l1DiM

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  • Hi David.  Congrats on your first submission.  Before I'm too nice though, and since you have this scored, it would make things easier to give you feedback if you'd export then upload a pdf.  Even at full screen I can't make out what's what, and I really want to see what's what, because I do like what you've got going.


  • Very dramatic! Sounds like something well-suited as a movie soundtrack of some kind. It would be nice to look at a pdf of the score, as Dave said. That would help in giving more specific feedback. Overall, I have to say, this is pretty good for a first orchestral work. It's better than my first attempt at orchestral work, for sure! Looking forward to seeing the score!

  • I would say that you have a quite great sense of the dramatic, and with even rather a touch of Stravinsky inherent in places throughout. If this is your first completed orchestral work, I can honestly say I look forward to hearing what you can achieve in the future, once you've honed your skills even more. Now don't get lazy, preoccupied, or sidetracked! Take what time you need to and throw up at us some further example of what you're capable of. I enjoyed the piece, as said, and look forward to additional efforts from you, this one being quite well done, indeed.


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