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Hi guys im new to this site, Loving it right now it just seems like a good place to read about Music and Composing.  My name is Alex Im a Mixing Engineer,  Me and a Producer/Musician are new to Scores and Music for Film.  Im just asking if there is anyone that i could offer FREE Mixing to for Scores and Composing work then please do get in touch I would love to hear from you..  Thanks for your time and for reading this.



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yeah yousendit or sendspace i tend to use alot i have a ftp setup but there is always issues with it so i dont use it at the moment untill i have the time to sort it out properly 

Anthony Berlin said:
I'm based in Sweden, so a meeting is probably out of the question. The files are large, as you should be well aware of, so just emailing them will take forever. I think allows for <100mb, so I'm going to try it out. If you don't receive any links in your email inbox in a couple of days, just PM me here and we'll find another way.

Alex Taylor said:
you can do it on email at where are you based ?

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