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Hi guys im new to this site, Loving it right now it just seems like a good place to read about Music and Composing.  My name is Alex Im a Mixing Engineer,  Me and a Producer/Musician are new to Scores and Music for Film.  Im just asking if there is anyone that i could offer FREE Mixing to for Scores and Composing work then please do get in touch I would love to hear from you..  Thanks for your time and for reading this.



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  • Hey buddy I'm interested in getting my music mixed! Maybe a track for now? Get back buddy and hopefully we can go from there. Thanks.

  • Hey cool Atomospheria, Just sent you a message but do get in contact with me when your free etc we can talk more..
  • Let me hear what you do to his stuff :)
  • let you hear what i do, to what stuff ? :S
    • Hey Alex would you like to give it a shot with mixing? If so get back with your email address and I will forward you the files. Thanks bud!!

      Alex Taylor said:
      let you hear what i do, to what stuff ? :S
  • I would be interested in your mixing as well. Do you only mix live recordings, or are scores that are programmed very well with samples okay too?
  • Hi yes i do both you can check out my work at www.alexandert.bandcamp.com give me a shout on here or by email at alexandert@inbox.com Thanks for the interest
  • Alright, how do you want me to send you the files? There are quite a bunch.
  • you can do it on email at alexandert@inbox.com where are you based ?
  • Hi Alex, I am afraid that too many of us will want your free service...

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