First of all, this is still work in progress so your ideas are really needed. I finished the first draft of a piano duet called "Misterioso". It a sort of programmatic work because it's supposed to deliever feelings of mystery and secrecy. It's quite short and not very sophisticated because I planned it to be a etude-like piece. 

If you have any questions I'll be happy to answer them. Thanks.


Misterioso (working)it - Full Score.pdf

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  • Great job so far.  Interesting ideas.  Good motion and interesting use of those low, blocked type chords.  To me, there seems to be a little bit of a spanish feel, which I do not know is intentional or not.  Sounds like the next step is perhaps moving some sections around or apart to develop your ideas, at least that is what I would do with a template like you have.

  • I get the misterioso bit. Quite like the triplet feel at the beginning(why have you not written this in 12/8?) Not sure about the cluster chords. Have you tried this at a slightly slower tempo at all?

  • Chris, thanks for the kind words. They are very wellcome I assure you. :) The spanish feel was quite unintended at least at a conscious level. :D And developing the sections is what I think i'll do but after all it's just an etude.

    Kevin, thanks for the feedback. That you're getting the feel of the piece is the best compliment there is. Thanks. :) The metre is 4/4 because of the further development which requires it and about the tempo - its 120 bpm now and I think something around 100 won't hurt it. :) I'll try! And about the chords - I wanted to create a darker atmosphere and allow the strings to vibrate sympathetically with the lower tones and overtones. And after all, they are ppp, so the player may play them in a way to prevent awkward dissonances.

  • I just felt that they clouded the motion of the music above.

  • there are some good ideas there, but they still need shaping. for example, why do you double the left and right hands of the primo in some parts? I'd try to add some more material in that left hand.

    And I agree that those chords cloud the sound. Try developing the secondo in respect to eh primo-introduce some interaction between the two and see how that goes.

    And as a sidenote, so far this is not technically challenging at all at this tempo-I would hesitate to call it an etude with the traditional sense.

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