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I've just started this piece, trying to go for a John Adamsy vibe, I've attached the MIDI file, although I have no idea how useful it will be!

Feedback please :) it's just a WIP so if it needs deleting and starting again, so be it. Thanks


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Hi James,

It's really brilliant! I would definitely go in and add a ton of dynamic shaping though to give it more depth. Without some dramatic crescendos and diminuendos, I think it may start sounding a bit too repetitive. But with the right intensity, it'll sound awesome. :) Also, on the hits (dotted quarters?), I think it would sound cool if instead of just the single hits every time, if like every third hit was four eighths that had a sforzando. 

Definitely don't delete it and start over though, you've got something neat going on here. :)

Thanks for sharing!


An exciting piece—the driving rhythm is great, and the ascending scalar motion of various layers add to the momentum gradually building throughout. I really like the strategic pause before the music picks up again, and the long notes that follow provide wonderful contrast to the first section. I hope you continue the piece to its conclusion! Perhaps later on, some syncopation (played against other layers falling on strong beats) might add even more tension and interest.

I really like the rhythmical feel!  As has been said before, add some more dynamics maybe.  But it does have a great feel to it.

I'm loving this!

My only advice: Finish it.


Very nice piece, as everyone else has mentioned the rhythmic staccato effect is very infectious, really draws you in. The only criticism I would make would be to make greater use of dynamic variation throughout the piece as was mentioned by others. In the same vein I think if the dynamic changes were made to be rather gradual then you would have a lot of room for (and in my opinion greatly benefit from) melodic variations on the scalar melody or the driving staccato instrument. That being said I think the main melodies you already have composed will inevitably be the main focus, however some slight variations on them could add a bit more impact in the more intense sections.

Its very cool - and well worth continuing. It reminded me of the Ninth Symphony of Philip Glass that I have been getting into which (if you don't know it) might be worth studying to see how he handles transitions of this nature. 

I feel it was just getting started = I will watch this space!


I've just updated this song with the latest WIP. I've added tons of dynamics and playing around with the harmonic series.


I really like what you did with this version. in a way, it's 'better'.

Awesome--the added dynamics and new material are really great. I'm looking forward to your next update!

Personally - I felt this was a slight step back. I would need to hear both versions again but the first one was more subtle. 

Nice work. I hope that you continue this work. I think that the rhythm sequence will start again from p to f. Total time will be over 10 minutes.

I'll give you some praise here, though to be honest (and so that you'll understand the context of my thinking), I don't like John Adams generally, and I don't like minimalism.

Still, having said that, I think you may have accomplished what you set out to do.

This does sound like Adams.

If your goal was create something "Adamsy," then I would say you have succeeded quite well.

But given what you have done here, with orchestration, rhythm and (to a certain extent) melody, I believe you are ready to go well beyond minimalism, and the very limited tonal universe which minimalism offers.

I don't really like saying something good about a piece written in a minimalist style, but you have done well here, within the parameters you have set, and I just wanted to say so.  

If my praise is a bit lackluster, forgive me.  

You say you just started this, and that's a further indication that you could go very much further, in such areas as development, polytonality (or alter-tonality), with polyrhythms, more dynamic key changes, pitch-bending, more exotic sound textures and so on.  

What you have here you should consider an excellent beginning.

[After writing this, I went to your page and heard part of "Adventure Game..."

There are some very attractive passages and excellent rhythms there, which I enjoyed.


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