• Yes, the piece is quite simple to play. I don't think it really matters, I can add some weird fingering to make it harder.

    BTW thanks Ray...

    Why mention Pärt? Because he gives a nice definition of minimalism.

    BTW thanks Ray

    Yes the piano need tuning... A string has been changed and it's quite old and has some cracks. In winter, with heating, the piano is always out of tune.

    BTW thanks Ray

    I have funBernard

  • Sounds good. Could be longer. Could be more developed. I, however, can't complain.

  • Hypnotic. I agree that it could be more developed. You could try adding in a few more instruments to your palette without expanding the idea very much musically.

  • Great piece! I like your philosophy that every note has to be essential. Definitely keep up the good work.

    Bob, I disagree that every composer tries to make every note essential. It is far to easy with notation software or a good daw, to copy and paste, transpose or somehow modify your music, without much rigorous thought.

  • Thanks all! Of course composers will try to write only the notes they really want to hear. But when you have less notes, the slightest change affects much more the whole piece. That's why this kind of music take (at least for me)  much time to compose.

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