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  • ninegager alert!

  • Hi Dankk, very pleasant piece of music! I love the synths you've used. In combination with the piano, strings and drums it is very effective instrumentation! It has really strong atmosphere, I guess there is a story behind which only you know. Also I appreciate that you have redone 20 years old song, so we could listen it now. And it was really worth it! Thanks and take care.



  • As for today, from all the themes youv'e done, this is my favourite, adventurous! lov it!
    You have this on a movie or something ?


  • thanks for the replies..  Since it is such an old piece, I tried to give it a retro sound.  I didnt know how well it would be received..  But then again, as long as my old friend likes it, it shouldn't matter to much about the rest.  

    The person I wrote this for was an intelligent person that loved drugs (that sounds almost contradictory, but I have seen it many times).  He took too many hits of acid as has since become diagnosed with bilpolar (sydrome) and definitely acute schitzophrenia.  For the last 20 years he has lived in "homes" that provide care for people with his disability/diagnosis and in and out of jail.  Its a tragedy because he was such a great fella.

    His sister promises that she will get him this song when he gets out next time...

  • I was listening to this one again, and I just though it reminds me so much of infected mushroom, in a good way! well in a more relaxed/downtempo way, but it still has that fell I cannot describe. sounds better every time.

  • where did you disappear to for the last year?

    The piece presented here kind of reminds me of some of the early experiments in computer -generated sounds from the early 1980s. Quite a nice original chord progression that underpins it all. It has a retro feel.

    Wait a minute - just read your comments - I guessed right and you achieved your goals.

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