Midi orchestration by Gilreath

I returned from along trip and did two things: 1) made my contribution to the forum survival fund, 2) fetched Gilreath's new book on midi orchestration from the post office.
I have been fighting with my inability to make my music sound reasonable but am still at the early learning stage. Gilreath's book is printed on glossy paper and has lots of color images of daws and other nice things. I did not, however, find the hard information I expected to find in a book on "midi orchestration".
I have not had time yet to really read the book so I will come back with more specific observations (right or wrong). The book is rather expensive and - which is a surprise - does not come with a cd that would show examples.
These are first impressions. I still have to find out what valuable information I find in the book before I make a final assessment. Miller's book "A complete idiot's guide to arranging and orchestration" contained material that was valuable for me. Perhaps that is an indication of how little I know.

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  • Keep us updated about "midi orchestration".
    That could be interesting.
    hope it's not too hard to be back in the real world.

    daniel monge
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