MIDI Mini-Tango

Another piece I composed in Reason. I think it needs a lot of work. I really appreciate the level of specificity in the feedback given by people here, and I know it will greatly benefit my growth as a musician. Please critique. Thank you.


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  • Well, I enjoyed it. I Thoughed the beginning was a bit akward. I mean there are some dissonances I felt were out of place. I think you're orchestration can be a bit clearer. I have this problem myself quite often. Once the piano entered the piece became clear to me and I started to enjoy it. I think if you work on the intro a bit, this can be a great piece.
    • Thank you. I cleaned it up a lot. Hope this sounds better.

      midi mini waltz.wav

  • How fun--a sort of Coraline meets the Tango! :)
  • Will do. Thank you for the extremely useful critique. I love this forum!
  • Here's my latest iteration. Thank you, Gijs, Ann and Roger, for the excellent suggestions and kind comments. Hope this is an improvement.

    Midi Mini Tango.wav

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