One of my hobbies is taking close-up photographs of insects. On the hillside above my house is an overgrown field that puts on an awesome display of wildflowers during the summer. It's my favorite place to take photographs as it is teeming with life. Butterflies, especially. They are numerous and will jump to the air in great swirls when disturbed. I wrote the opening 20 or so seconds of this song as an exercise to write something light, airy, and fun. I got kind of tired of it, put it away, and forgot about it. One day, I pulled it back out and listened to it. It reminded me of the field of flowers. I thought I'd see if I could do something with it. I wanted this to be ethereal and dreamy for the most part. I hoped to convey a sense of watching the secret world underneath as the butterflies danced above.

Thank you for listening!

[Note: the image is a crop from one of my photos.]


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  • Great Work!  For a Microcosmos-style documentary, it would look very good! I like the "dialogue" you have created between the instruments.


    • Thank you, Luis!  

  • Here is the score.  I use a lot of tricks to make Notion do what I want it to do, so this is really messy.  Usually I just concentrate on the final sound.  I don't worry much about a neat and tidy score. 


  • I didn't quite know what to expect coming to this piece, but it sounded very grand and sweeping. There are moments of lightness and fun, as well as deeper moments of greater emotion.  It sounds like it would be fitting as a soundtrack of some sort, perhaps of a scene with vast fields, flowers, and the occasional tree and a lake.  The sound production is excellent.

    Thanks for sharing!

  • Very well done and enjoyable Doug. You have great sounds, good orchestration and strong melodies. I remember liking your earlier work but remarking that I would enjoy hearing something more adventurous and this seems more intricate and uptempo which helps hold my attention.  This would be a good cinematic piece but I think it also can stand alone.

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