Metal Song from my new band


and now for something completely differant than you have heard from me on this forum.

I have been a hermit working on my music with a new friend and we have started a progressive power speed metal sorta band hahaha  its great fun and a challenge to play.


the lyrics are a bit offensive to some people as they deal with the pervasive corruption in American Evangelical Organizations. Also the song uses profanity.

you have been warned haha


I am playing bass and the lead guitar (one take btw). also singing  however I am not the singer in the band just at the time I was the only one to do it.

the death metal sounding shouts in the chorus is done by my girlfriend

Rhythm and harmony lead guitar are provided by Sheldon Starr 

I programmed the drums they are rendered with the drumkit from hell VST for EZDrummer.



Sorry I dont have a score for you to look at yet



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  • Didn't listen to it yet, but I will....soon.

    Offensive lyric's I can deal with, the amerikan evangelico organizations ARE offensive and should be exposed...Speak truth to power.

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