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Hey everyone,

I wrote this one a long time ago as a trying-to-find-his-way 15 year old, well before I became so interested in minimalism. It's always interesting to revisit proof of the past and see how much, or how little, has changed. Unfortunately, very few of my older pieces survive as they were on a now kaput hard drive. Anyway, I'm curious what you think, particularly in comparison to my current style. I often feel that I can/should only write in one style and find myself consciously rejecting any musical ideas that sound too much like my old self. Does anyone else find this happening to them?


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I'm a little disappointed that so much of the music I've created in the past three decades is gone forever, on cassettes that were gobbled by hungry tape decks, papers destroyed in floods or lost in various moves, live improvised recordings that were given away without making a copies, etc.

But OTOH I'm grateful that they don't exist, because it means I don't have to answer for them today. Musicologists of the future will foolishly believe that my work is all masterfully crafted and artistically mature, unaware that I spent three decades writing piles upon piles of rubbish.

If you reject ideas because they're things you've done before, or you're flogging old habits, or you recognize when you're hauling out musical platitudes from your "old self", then that's fine. And good. It's useful to recognize that your skill improves, and your voice evolves.

But If you're rejecting artistic ideas because you think "I don't sound like that any more", and you think you should "write in one style", then you're stuck on a bad path! If you disallow yourself from exploring, then you'll become a caricature of yourself, your art will stagnate, and the joy will disappear from it.

Innovation is bravery

This is a very nice and soothing piece. Nice job for a 15-year-old! :-) 

As for writing too much like your old self, yes, sometimes it happens to me too. In fact, I've kept all my drafts from a long time ago, whether good or not, as I find them useful especially when I run out of ideas. Going through the old manuscripts actually gave me some new ideas as to how to rewrite them into something new. I've written a few pieces in this manner and have received very good feedback. You can try it too. :-)

Lovely and atmospheric. Can't compare to your "current" work, as I don't know it.

I have the exact opposite problem. I want to try different things, different instrument sets, different tonalities. So, nothing sounds the same, which I thoroughly enjoy.

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