• Gav it looks like the current threads are here but none of the comments, am I missing something?

    • Thanks, looking into it

  • Replies are missing.

    • Thanks, looking into it

  • I confirm no comments came over on forum or blog posts. Sent a note off to Ning about it, awaiting their answer.

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    • Thanks, and I am always open to exploring options!

    • Not so sure about the wide black margins either side of the centre column. Reminds me of a bereavement card.

      • Hi Dane,

        Ning thinks of the page as being divided into 3 columns. I have 3 choices as to how I can set up the readable area: 1) Two left columns are used; 2) Only the middle column is used (this is what I have chosen); 3) All three columns are used. 

        • Strange. In a way I suppose it's no surprise, then, that I haven't encountered any other dot-ning sites.

          (I mean, a strange attitude on behalf of ning, not you.)

  • Looking at the critique section, why are neither the screen names of the posters or the dates noted at the post's header? The topics seem all over the place datewise?

    So, views are no longer tallied?

    Can I ask what functionally has changed about the site other than the cosmetics?

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