• There used to be a link on My Page to show the discussions I've started or commented on, but I can't find it now.  Is that feature no longer available?

    • There is a link on your page, "Activity Feed," which reveals conversations you are participating in

  • Apology accepted (re deletion) though I'm naturally sceptical as I dare say that wasn't a comment you wanting Ning to see. Most annoying. The facts remain the same. It's a raw deal for the members who helped pay for this. For the most part the site didn't need to change at all. Ning can develop whatever applications it likes but why mess up this online version? The only common link is the database which ok, may have needed a couple of new fields.

    I mean it doesn't even show the "page of (number)" in the box at the footer. They obviously didn't test it once it passed compilation.

    Not fit for purpose. I reckon you should demand your/our money back. 

    • Yes, it was a bad process. There is a "page of (number)" functionality  replacement which achieves a similar effect.

      • I think we were between a rock and a hard place. I believe the upgrade needed to happen for security  reasons. Many, if not most people still had the no-longer supported Flash player, which was not even safe when it was supporetd. The only time my computer was hacked was when I was on this forum. I was using Linux, and the Linux version of Flash, which was supposed to be safer, but someone hacked into my computer. I went to get a cup of coffee, and when I returned, someone was actually typing in a terminal. I saw them type "chroot" right before my eyes, before I shut the machine down and wiped the drive. "Chroot" means they were about to assume total control of my computer. They most likely got in via the Flash player. That is why I posted two threads advising people to get rid of flash, but I dobut many did. most people sail along completely oblivious to these dangers. Me, I've been too paranoid to even log in to the old forum. Hopefulluy my participation will increase now!

        Also, every time I went to the old site, my browser warned me it was unsafe. I applaud Gavin for doing the upgrade. It needed to be done. Any problems can be resolved. workarounds can be found. It is still a a great forum. It's unfortunate that we lost the audio player on our home page. that was an easy way to hear members' music. Perhaps we can embed links on our page, or use find other way to share our music easily with other members, without them having to leave the forum.

    • I agree that Ning is a problem, with or without the upgrade which does add new problems. As Michael has pointed out we are safer however and that is certainly a good thing at least. We'll just have to see how this plays out pending Gav's decision.

      As far as the money is concerned I like to think that I invested in the community we have here and in Gav's leadership. CF was an unusable mess before Gav took it over and it's now an asset regardless of the Ning issues. I'm hoping we can continue this community with or without the Ning platform.


  • I, too, Ingo, but I really can't help getting galled by this practice of the user having to test the thing and devise workarounds because it doesn't work. There's no excuse. Ok, perhaps one or two bugs in an app are excuseable but not in a site revamp that should have used many of the same objects with different cosmetics. It simply wasn't tested. 

    Plus of course the errors are still there. Either ning hasn't the resource or just doesn't care to put things right. But it isn't my site. As a user I've said my piece.  

    I have a lot of sympthy for Gav and the situation he's in. It isn't him to whom I'm aiming my complaints but those byond.

  • Comments from the old site have  been restored. I did a quick perusal and it looks ok. If you see problems, please reply to this sub-thread.

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