• Hi Saul,

    Lovely and peaceful music.

    Youor instruments are well played, and I love the keys!!!

    I am like floating in the wind, very relaxing.

    You are so talented, and thganks for sharing your gift to us.


    • Thank you Rene! Glad you enjoyed it,


      Best Regards,



  • I have to say that by your standards I find this both rather monotonous and somewhat tastetess -- the synthetic instrumnets don't really work for me. But that's just one opinion, I expect some others will enjoy it more

    • David,

      I don't know what is bothering you with this piece. Youre comments are too general to respond adequately...Monotonous can be positive or negative depending on the listener, its hardly a criticism. Synthetic instruments are objective entities, hardly these could be attributed to the composer. If you'll elaborate as to why monotonous works negatively with this piece, then I could reply accordingly, but as I have said, your comments are too general.

      Thanks for listening anyways,





      • the choice of using synthetic instruments is obviously one the composer makes. Monotonous depends rather on the aim of the music -- if it's designed to create a sort of mood stasis then indeed it can be perfectly effective. It just doesn't happen to work for me in this piece.


        • Well, I'm not so sure that this sounds Monotonous. There are two different piano melodies that sometimes depart from each other and then unite, and the harmonic sounds adds to the variety of the sound. But you might feel otherwise and that's ok.


          What other instruments can you suggest that will provide the same effect while not been Synthetic?



          • no real instruments will produce a similar effect -- if what you've done produces the effect you want then you've been successful. It's for others to decide if they like the particular effect or not.Substituting strings and real voices would lead to a different feeling. It's possible I might like it more but then you haven't written the piece for me!


            • Thanks

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