• I would love to give you some feedback, but this is just pretty perfect!

  • Thank you Claude! 

  • this is very nice, the contrast, the mix, everything just sounds perfect, how did you do it? the instruments go along together perfectly as well. Well done

  • Thanks guys. Michael i do struggle with titles. I guess they are not that important to me. But yeah, I see what you mean. Sometimes I actually feel I ruin the whole emotion by giving the piece a name. Because I feel like the piece should not be reduced to one name but be understood by listening to it and make the listener make his/her own thoughts about it. Just a thought :)
  • I can see this song used in a ballet.  It's a moving piece and I'd love to see visuals for it.  Great job!

  • Very nice.Thanks for posting.

    For me, the opening oboe and English horn solos were almost totally eclipsed by the lushness of the orchestration. Is that a bad thing? Maybe not. But I almost missed the fact that those parts were important and not just part of the tapestry. In other words, the motif was almost lost in the crowd. Even when the French horn had the theme later, it was almost covered up by the rest of the orchestra. Would thinner orchestration under those parts help? It just depends on the stream you are looking at. Dose it flow the same all the time? Are there places where it slows down to go around a steep bend, or wide open and fast?

    But that may just be me.

  • Hi Eirik,

    This works very well! The orchestration is perfect and supportive of the melodic line without overwhelming it. It has a good balance between sections and just the right amount of contrast to keep it interesting. There is a susserating, introspective quality about it which establishes an overall gentle and yet soaring feeling. Plus overall, it's just lovely! Movie-ready! No suggestions!


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