Prelude and Fugue Competition 2018

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Expiration of Opportunity:
Sat, 2018-07-07
Entry Fee:
Euro (EUR)

The McDonald Music Foundation is hosting the first preludes and fugues competition!
Open until July 2018, participants are given two themes; 7 bar prelude & and a challenging 5 bar fugue theme. We encourage all composers to participate as you will receive the following prizes; 24 of the best prelude and fugue composers will be published which will be available after the winners are announced, the three top composer will receive money prizes and a special feature in the publication. Depending on participation rate, first place Fugue would see around 200 - 250 euro.
It must be for any keyboard instrument e.g. harpsichord, organ, piano.
Style/genre is left to the composer’s discretion.
Minimum 50 bars are required for both prelude and fugue.
Be creative, intelligent, and above all - musical.

Application forms will be provided, once completed and application fee (10 EUR) is successful participants will be given the themes (PDF file).
Please email for the application form.

Published date:
15 Jan 2018

Thanks Bob

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