• Saul - It's a pretty rare talent to be able to both compose and play music this sublime.  Bravo! 

    It was interesting for me to assess my own response as listener and what I found was that seeing this piece referred to as a mazurka, I was expecting a really clear triple-meter metrical pulse.  At times, I could clearly hear that; at others, it seemed like it was less clear. So a question I have for you - and this is not a "loaded" question, just something I'm curious about - is to what extent, while you were composing this piece, did you consciously strive to adhere to the tradition (specifically in regards to rhythmic feel) and to what extend did you seek to extend or update or transcend it? 

    Thanks again for sharing; as a relative newcomer to composition, I feel so inspired seeing and hearing what other people more experienced than me can do!

    Kind Regards, Frank

    • Thank you Frank,


      My work can be divided into three distinct groups:


      1. Completed Works with Scores.


      2. Semi completed, using a basic idea/theme and then improvising and building on the theme while recording the piece. Trying to sound as number 1 as much as possible while maintaining the free style of the piece.


      3. Improvisation.


      This particular work falls on number 2. Therefore there is no completed score available and not all the harmonic and rhythmic rules are utilized.


      I think that number 2 is where I find the most joy in composition because its free style and the ability that I have to express ideas and emotions as they come while building up on the main theme. This type of music making gives a very fresh and spontaneous almost innocent feel to the piece. It can never be replicated, even by me because even a composer plays the same music differently each time. 


      I don't know how the greats would have reacted to today's technological capabilities. Perhaps they wouldn't necessarily write down every piece of music, but instead just recorded themselves playing their musical ideas and sharing them as many composers do today.


      There are pros and cons for every method of composing, but I think that this particular free-style works for me very well.


      Glad you found it enjoyable,





      • Gosh, I wish I had enough compositions to my name that I could actually group them across three different categories, LOL.  Thanks again for the inspiration!    

        • If you'll keep composing perhaps you'll have your own collection...




          • That's definitely the plan.  Cheers, FP

  • Hi, Saul - I enjoyed this piece when I listen to it last week, then again tonight, this time knowing a little bit how you approach composition (your reply to Frank). I think your points are spot on. Nice work here. --Ray 

    • Thank you Ray!

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