• Beautiful masterpiece! This reverb gives to melody breathing and natural vibe. Good work. Do you have score on this melody? If yes, I suggest you to upload score on musescore (link: I'm using this web-site and didn't find Mazurka in E minor. I think it will usefull for users of musescore to use your variation.        

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  • Very nice! I'm not too familiar with the intricacies of mazurkas, but this one sounds very good. I enjoyed it.  And yes, a score would be nice for more detailed analysis.

  • Thanks Patrick and H.S Teoh, glad you liked the music.

    No score is available as this is only a recording of my performance of the music. I have not written the score yet.


    Best Wishes,



  • Enjoyed very much, very talented you are. 

    • Thank you Ted!



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