Hey so i'm new to this forum i'm fourteen and this is my first piece i'm posting here. So this is a just a piece i threw together in a couple of hours, um its only the beginning of a longer piece. Any feedback would be appreciated!


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  • Its a good start man. Youve established a chord progression and a good home base.
    My ear wants to hear theme that stands out in a register above the cello... but I like that you have interplay between the cello and piano like a little conversation. Thats good stuff, but it got lost a little as it went on and the two instruments fought for space. I would suggest challanging yourself and whittle away some notes on the cello part. Really get it down to the diamonds in the rough there and develop a motif, then do the same with the piano part. Don't worry about adding so many 8th notes (which is a bit hypocritical considering the last piece I posted!).
    The mood of the piece fits the title and I definetly got "masquerade" out of it. Good work. The only way to get better is to get the pencil in hand and write everyday! Hope to see what youve done with it soon,,,
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