This is a short piece that I made to help tell a story about marauding Mongol warriors. I made a short video to post on youtube (, but cannot post the video here because it has images taken from the web. I used Reason to compose this. Please let me know how it may be improved. Thank you.


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  • Really sick bassline, much better then your other piece's bass.
    The intro is super hi-quality too.

    The criticism I have for this piece is only in regards to your mixing. I think everything has too much reverb so the overall composition sounds a bit muddy. You also have a lot of hi and low frequencies going on, but not enough mid's. The pan flute (maybe?) sound is pretty good at first, but you really need to automate the ASDR, (especially the attack and release of it.) because the notes start to bleed together.
    • Thank you for the excellent advice!

      Will do, and repost!
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