MAC/PC combo anyone???

Hey I'm an experienced composer, but I've been using purely mac for about seven years. I was thinking of adding a Windows machine to fire my Virtual Instruments from. Any reccomendations for PC type, sound cards, ram, cpu power, etc.? I use Logic, pro tools, dp 5 for sequencing and a bunch of the usual suspects (EWQL, VSL blah blah blah) :) Thanks! Oh and I don't want to spend a lot of money...that's the whole point :-) Thanks!

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  • I think LAN would be the best solution for me actually. Thanks for the reply.

  • I have 2 farm machines for samples, 1 is a Windows XP Pro machine, 4 gigs ram, core duo - its a Creation Station from Sweetwater - they build excellent excellent PC's. This machine runs GigaStudio 3 Orchestra and uses a Hammerfall HDSP 9652 so I can get 24 channels of ADAT I/O and MidiOverLAn. My second machine is a Windows XP x64 edition with 8 gigs ram and a Intel Quad Core @2.33 GHz. This machine runs GigaStudio 4 64 bit and Kontakt 3.5. Also this comp has a Hammerfall HDSP 9652 and MidiOverLAN - BOTH PC's are dedicated machines and do not run other software - only the OS and the sample engines and sound card drivers are installed. I have PLENTY of processing power for even a huge sample setup on top of my Mac Pro with quad xeon processor and 13 gigs of ram which is my main DAW. This has 2 MOTU 2408 MKIII soundcards to deal with all the 48 channels of ADAT from my 2 giga machines. And on this machine I run my Vienna Instruments and Kontakt 3, and some other stuff (PLAY, etc). I have a large template setup with Plogue Bidule but with the release of 64 bit kontakt I probably will have no need to run Bidule anymore
  • yep I was on a couple of the chats with Gary about the purchase and his plans. I am interested to see what he builds with the GS technology. But even if he releases a stable working GS4 product and GVI4 for mac, they will not recognize previous purchases, so we will have to buy them as a new purchase and not upgrade
  • why dont you trust midioverlan?? Its not dodgy lol, its the single most stable program I have running on my network, its updated frequently, works for all versions of mac and pc, and as long as you have your computers on a gigabit ethernet it runs like clockwork. Most every comnposer I know doing film work with farm machines uses it with the exception of a few old dragons that insist on running old midi cables all over the place lol. It will probably be obsolete in another year or two tho as the whole Vienna Ensemble pro thing is where the next level lies - which is farm machines transporting MIDI *AND* audio data over the lan - NO MORE SOUND CARDS!! ehehe so you can have a network with 10 PC's, and have them all running sounds, and only have a sound card on your main DAW machine - thats freaking power!
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