Loony Spring (E major and D sharp minor)

Hello Everybody!

I composed a new piece. I think, regarding the modulations, this is a big step for me. You know I'm an amateur composer / pianist, but I love to work with the piano. The spring has just arrived and this piece was written in the same time. I love that how E major and D sharp minor work together :)


You can download the sheet music here: 


Please feel fee to use this sheet music if you would like to play my piece.

I would be grateful if you can give me some advice / tell your opinion about the piece.


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  • A helpful forum mate gave me some advice, so I made a correction in the sheet music, there were some spelling errors: 

    "In the sheet music, there are some spelling errors. In the D sharp minor section, wherever you use an F natural, it should be spelled with an E sharp, since it's an A sharp minor chord (the minor dominant) or a sometimes a C sharp major chord you are using. E sharp is a pitch that is available in the D sharp minor scale anyways, it's in the key signature.

    There are also some instances throughout the piece where you are using a C natural that should be spelled as a B sharp since you are using a G sharp major chord (often but not always as a dominant to a nearby C sharp minor chord), for example in bar 16.

    Another thing I noticed is that in bar 10 and analogous bars there is a B in the left hand on the first beat, but it sounds like you are playing an A."


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