Hi there,

I'm looking forward to hear your opinions on the compositions I've uploaded and some directions in regards to production itself as I'm having some dificulties in achiving clear and wide sound while maitaining the nice and not muffled bottom. ( I guess partly is becasue of my low specs laptop and lack of founds for something better, but I'm sure there must be a way.)

I currently work on FL9 ( wanted to switch to cubase but on my 15 inch laptop screen with 1280x768 resolution it's just impossible to navigate it). For samples I've started recently using east-west orchestra. Published one track made with those and few of newer tracks are in works. Monitors that i use Alesis M1 Active 320USB. Well they are what they are but better then nothing :)

Looking forward for your opinions:)

batmanish( east-west-orchestra).mp3



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  • Cool, uploaded some tracks then :)
  • bump*


    any chance for a feedback? :> thx

  • Yes i did.  No external links and I'm being specyfic about what feedback i'm looking for. I've uploadad 3 songs - is that too much? Have i missed something?
  • Thanks, and i regards to cruising I've already started :)


    All best

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