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I'm posting a piece which I have finished recently but which I started composing more than 20 years ago. No, I wasn't working on it continuously. The simple truth is that the initial version was one of my first - or maybe the very first - mods written on my Amiga.

The file somehow survived all these years. The previous spring I converted it to OpenMPT project and started rewriting it. Later I switched to Renoise and I did another rework. Recently it was remixed again and I added a string section. (But I still used some of the original samples from the Amiga version.) 

I consider the piece to be finished but there is always space for improvement so therefore I'm asking for your opinion.




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  • Hey Piotr,

    I find many of the sounds used to be humorous, the bird sounds in the beginning for example.  I can't say that everybody else would agree, but for me to enjoy the piece more, for whatever that's worth, I would suggest you change the sounds or use the humorous potential to your advatange.  The style of the piece is what it is, nothing I am overly fond of, but it seems consistent, I hear no fault in the organization of your materials in that sense.  The only other criticism I will offer is that the quasi-improvisational solo line that starts around 3:06 sounds sort of awkward rhythmically, sort of haphazard, and the phrases of that line end on "do" too often for my tastes.

    As an aside, I was using an Amiga computer 20 years ago myself!  The music program was called MED and it had this goofy animation of a stick-like figure doing jumping jacks to the beat of the music, pretty funny stuff.  You can see what the program looked like in this video (starting at around (0:56) the poster must have turned the jumping jack man off, sadly.


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  • Tom,

    I didn't pay too much attention to the birds - it's been taken from the original version without too many changes. Some of the 'bird-like-sounds' are actually sample human voices played faster and slower. I wasn't thinking about any of the sounds (maybe except this 'bird-like' ones) as humorous. Maybe because I was just used to it... I'll search for some real birds' recordings. There are a few nice sounding blackbirds in my garden but I lack proper recording equipment :-(

    I think I use ProTracker or FastTracker on my Amiga but after two or so year I sold it and switched to the PC - I really needed it for my studies. I enjoyed higher performance and better graphics but the sound was not comparable!

    I agree that the 'solo' can sound haphazard because it was created by random playing which was later adjusted a bit. It doesn't follow the main melody but I liked it, and it's quite short so hopefully not too much disturbing.

    I'm sorry that your weren't able to listen to the whole piece but I must admit that I sometimes have the same problem trying to listen to some experimental compositions... Anyway, you have more experience than I have so I suppose my mix really needs more space. I find mixing rather difficult - there are too many possibilities and if you don't know what you doing than the results are not pleasant. I did use reverb and delay but maybe on wrong tracks. If you could be more specific and give me some hints that would be great.

    Tom, Raymond, thanks for listening!  

  • Raymond,

    You can do with Renoise probably everything what is possible with any DAW. There is built in mixer with ability to combine tracks, adding effects (embedded and VSTs). The main difference is that you cannot easily work with recorder material - at least this is my impression - but it's not a problem for me.

    The thing with the birds is that I wanted to produce kind of surrounding effect. I'll try to use some reverb on it.

    Great that you listen to the whole track. Does :) mean that you liked it? I hope you find another 5 minutes to listen to another version later.

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