Looking for a Czerny Concerto

Hello everyone,
hell, its been a while since I got into composer's forum :P 
Anyways, the other day, my piano teacher told me that she once happened to listen to a Czerny piano concerto, one of the works that are rarely played and she was impressed. So only thing she remembered was that it was in A, and I finaly got it, its op.214 in a minor. Now I'm in a quest to find the sheet music! I'd love to play it for my degree exams, if I can find it that is! I looked in imslp.org, it's not there, I also had some quick searches on google and it was nowhere to be found! Just to make it clear, I am interested in a pdf copy (free or not) or an actual book purchase. Anyone got any specific stores in mind? 

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  • no, there is one in Aminor. I think there is a recording on youtube, but apart from that there almost no signs of it anywhere,which applies to his other concertos as well(apart from one which can be found in some cds.still rare to hear live).


    Thanks for your time Anne, hope you'll find something

  • https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=glCFci-KxvA

    This is a link to the Czerny op.214.


    I do not see the music available on this source, but it is place to begin a smart search. A librarian should have no trouble finding it.


  • You may try this link to buy the music:


    As I can tell in Chinese, this is piano music sheets only, not the orchestra score (it could be two piano music, one for solo piano, one for orchestra). And I dont know how do you pay for it? You have to find some one who is in China to help you to buy it.

    Here is a link to listen the Grand Concerto in A minor, OP. 214 (1st. Mov. only)


    Good luck!

  • Anne, this information is such a nice christmass gift :D I'll contact Chuck and see if he can locate it for me. How about the prices though? For a generaly hard to find piece like this one how much should I expect to pay?

    Anne Goodwin said:

    Hi again.  I have just received permission from my 'source', Chuck / Music Detective, to put his contact information here in this thread.  It would be easier for you to contact him and ask him yourself to locate the Czerny piece (although I have already done so) since it is you that wants the piece and not me.  I have, in the past, found a number of obscure pieces of music through my 'music detective'. So here it is and best of luck!

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