little video on my composition

One year ago I wrote a symphonic poem that relates the history of Istanbul, from its antic period to the actual one. Recently I made a little video with text and pictures, could you give me your impressions about it ? Do the pictures and the text match with the music, do they help you understanding the piece, etc. ?

Thank you ;)


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  • Thanks Raymond for your consideration about my music! Of course I would like to find a professional to make this video, but for the moment I just have this video I realized myself.
    But do you think the idea of puting historical photos on the music is good but has to be made more "professionaly" or do you think I should make something totally different, like a kind of video-clip or something?
  • Thanks for your advices Bob ! Yes it's a PET bottle, it's the only picture that I found that matched with the original text of my composition "A drunken Crusader wanders in the ransacked Hagia Sophia", and I found the anachronism was kind of funny so I kept this photo !

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