Dear all


I have written a couple of music blogs over at  They are likely to be of interest or relevance to folk here.  Is there a neat way I can link my site blogs to the blog listing on this forum?





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  • Hi Jamie!

    You can tell about it on your page here at the Composers' Forum. We always prefer that people just post their blogs and such here on their page, rather than linking away, but you can tell about it and link if you want.

    Otherwise, we want our members to come here to be active and participate, not just to advertise something. And you are a great example of what we want - an obviously active member who participates in discussions here, but has a thing that he just wants other composers to know about.


    Chris Merritt
  • Hi Chris

    Thanks for the speedy response. I'm fine with that arrangement.

    regards, Jamie
  • Hi Pete, many thanks for confirming the position. Makes good sense.

    I had a quick look at your web site - very nice work. Your Real Strings libraries seem popular!


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