Today as we inaugurate the president here's a piece for another who has always had a special place in my heart.

I know Williams and of course Copland have also done their Lincoln and for better of for worse so now have I. 

Love to hear any thoughts you might have on it and of course theirs as well. 




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  • This has an interesting mood; noble, reserved, and a bit sorrowful. I think it captures how you feel about him musically.

    Compositionally, I think the bass is too dominant. It has a grinding ostinato that makes my speakers (and ears) buzz. You should mix that down a bit in my opinion.

    I like the snare drum use. It's atmospheric and not overused. Well done.

  • There are some lovely ideas here. I like how the melody starts simply with the flute, and the intensity picks up with the addition of the counter melodies. Unfortunately, this is overpowered by the ostinato bass. At one point I felt the counter melodies and activity was a bit confusing, but that may have been a result of the ostinato, also. I believe the bass is illustrating the pulse of the times, yes? Perhaps it could fade in and out, and vary in intensity in order to let the music breath. I don't think the effect of the pulse would be lost if it were absent for a few bars. In fact, it might become more powerful by doing so. Also, I think it needs to be on the beat with the rest of music... there were times when it wasn't keeping constant rhythm, which muddied the clarity of the the piece for me at times. I enjoyed the melodies and orchestration, which emotionally reflect the subject and his times well. With a little editing, I think this will be a wonderful tribute to Lincoln.

  • I agree with your comments in particular about the over present obstinato and the mix.  I need to remind myself let a project sit for a few days before I release it. I've since worked on it and it's a better piece for it. I appreciate the time you guys took to give this a careful and critical listen. Thank you Jeff, Janet and Raymond.



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