This was "commissioned" by a local movie group for a documentary about a heritage railway. Well, I never got any money but did get a couple of nice dinners and a few beers. And it was fun to write - relaxing.
This was an overture and bits of it were varied for use elsewhere in the project.

It doesn't try to musicalise train sounds, just light-hearted. Pretty standard chamber orchestration.

Comment would be most appreciated. And thank you for listening.



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  • Dane,

    I can imagine this being part of a delightful presentation. They should have payed you for this. I liked it a lot. Actually lifted my mood while listening to it.

    I am hearing a very mid weighted mix but I'll add a disclaimer here- I am not listening through my studio monitors. My ear buds might be in question. They are the type that have a rubber sleeve over the transducer and all of the sound goes directly into the ear cavity. This might be inducing the Fletcher Munson effect.

  • Pleasant music with a good sound from your library Dane.  I can easily picture a number of visual scenes that would fit with this music. The music is supportive without drawing a lot of attention to itself which is not so easy to do. Thanks for posting.

  • Thank you for your kind comments, guys.

    @Ingo Lee
    That came over as a compliment! as I set out to enhance the mood of the movie rather than showcase music. It needed something jaunty while the opening scenes were screened.

    As for the samples: they were bought as WAVs on CDs from Time+Space's bargain basement a long time ago when samples came at 3 semitone intervals; then turned into "VSTs" with Reaper's Samplomatic5000. Fun times in a way, taming that lot.

    @Timothy Smith - Ha! Well, I did get a couple more "commissions" probably from this so I can't grumble! Also a chance to join another project which really was doomed from the start although a fair amount of work had been done. Yes, headphones are a problem. I have several sets, my favourites being Beyerdynamic - they all sound different. I'd love to have monitor speakers but circumstances have made it difficult. As I'm getting more serious now, I may have to force the issue a bit!

    Again, thank you.


  • A veritable potpourri of melodies.  Sounds like the overture to a musical.  But it also reminds me to sometimes keep things light, use just a few instruments at a time and sprinkle it with bells and glockenspiel.  I like the mood.

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