Life as it is! (large Orchestra)

hello friends, this is my first post in this forum. i hoped to share new music that i just posted called "Life as it is" it is the first music in my page and i have added it here. I dedicated this music Tchaikovsky who is a major inspiration in my work. I pleasantly look forward to your opinions! Watch your Volume! Sherief

Life as it is.mp3

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  • Lovely work! You have very strong melody and orchestration going on here. I can see a Disney ballet to this ;-)
  • Thank you Chris and Thomas. i'm very pleased you guys enjoyed it! man how i would love to score something disney...
  • The beggining sounds like something I would expect to find playing at a circus, but it is good. When the strings come in, it sounds nice...I love the strings. Overall you have the waltz/big band thing going on. I like the part after that where you go into this space-pad/cello melody. During that you should try to make it "flourish" more. Try to develop a nice consistent melody. The build to the big bang at the end is too long, take some of it out. The ending is pretty epic.

    It's a nice song, however it needs work.

    • Thank you guys for your complement and criticism. dankk at 6 min that's firework thats not very well mixed in:)
  • Your music is very good and natural sounding. You are a natural composer. I'm interested in understanding the nuts and bolts of this work so that I can learn more myself. Any chance of sending me the midi file ?
  • Very impressive work Sherief! The part around the middle was simply brilliant, it really pictured some strong emotions in my eyes. Overall I love your classical style, especially since we live in a world that constantly seems to move to everything else apart from classical music when it comes to filmmusic.

    One thing I'd remove would be the fireworks, I really loved the way you approached the ending but when I heard the sound FX, I thought it was some kind of noise as well. :)
  • Adrian, denny, kristofer and dankk,

    Thank you guys for your encouraging comments! next week i will edit out the fireworks and resubmit it. thank you again!
  • Lovely... may I ask for how many years you've been composing so far? And if you actually manage to make a living with it (?)...

    Otherwise, I've checked out your site and the myspace one... I am very impressed.

    Hope to hear more of you, Ario.
    • hey ario,
      thanks for listening! i was introduced to orchestral music in 2005 so it did take me a 4 years but i still feel behind.

      And yes i do make a living off it :)

      thanks again!
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