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Lexikon-Sonate: algorithmic music generator by Karlheinz Essl

This was one of my very first experiences with a musical language that I wanted to compose similar to. It was very interesting and exciting for me at the time to discover this.

Thanks Bob


  Lexikon-Sonate is an interactive realtime composition environment for musical composition and live performances. It takes advantage of composition algorithms that have been developed by Karlheinz Essl since 1985. With this algorithmic music generator one can create fascinating and complex musical structures on the fly. Furthermore, Lexikon-Sonate is an infinite music installation that can run on a computer for years without repeating itself. Finally, Lexikon-Sonate can be used as an instrument for live performance of algorithmic piano music.

Lexikon-Sonate consists of a variety of music-generation modules (so-called structure generators) which are related in a very complex way as a musical HyperText. Each module generates a specific characteristic musical output as a result of the compositional strategy that has been applied. A module represents an abstract model of a specific musical behaviour. It does not contain any pre-organized musical material, but a formal description of it and the methods how it is being processed.

These modules are structural re-implementations of piano gestures obtained by analysis of piano music from Johann Sebastian Bach, Mozart, Beethoven, Schönberg, Webern, Boulez, Stockhausen and Cecil Taylor. They will never appear as verbal quotation (because none of this gestures has been "sampled"), but mainly as "allusion". Furthermore, they are open and generic enough so that different modules playing at the same time can intermingle, creating unpredictable meta-structures.

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For more about Algorithmic Composition, pls see this interesting read about David Cope, and Experiments in Musical Intelligence, also known as EMI or Emmy.

Algorithmic Music – David Cope and EMI

and his site:

Thanks Bob


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