Hi friends and fellow composers

This my latest composition. I named it League Of The Dark Knight (a reference to batman) With this track my focus has been to get more details and variations in the instruments.


To some degree I worked with volume emvolopes on the induvidual tracks and spend more time selecting the samples.  Also the melodic textures of the strings was a focus point in this composition. All of this was done to to give the whole thing more of a real sound. Did I succeed?


I have a few minor idears for improvements myself but would love to hear your what you think.


Thanks for listening and have a great day :-)


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  • I love this. The sounds are amazing too. what did you use?


    At 20 seconds i was really getting into the mood of the piece and then it changed. Maybe you couldve carried the idea on a little longer. You could possibly bring in the strange sound on the violin slightly later.


    In terms of the theme, if you put that to Batman picture it would fit very well. 


    Really good job, it fitted the Batman heroic theme you wanted :)

  • Glad you liked it! As for my other compositions I use EWQL Symphonic Orchestra Gold. In this one I also used a few samples from Storm Drum 2.


    Yes, about the first part being to short I totally agree. When making it I had cubase set to loop the part (and thereby making it "longer") and now that you mention it I hear it, it is to short. I will fix that - maybe making the first part twice as long and with some variations in the melody or arrangement.


    Thank you for listening and commenting :-)


    And if any of you have more idears for improvement feel free to post em. I think it is great fun to continue working on this one
  • Oh right ok, might consider buying EWQL!


    Yes definately have a look at carrying that idea on and like you said, perhaps modify/develop ideas.


    This may be a bit picky but to make it even better i think the ending could be grander. more strings horns and percussion just to make it sound really powerful!

  • This could be a great hero theme.  Also reminded me of Pirates of the Carribean.  Nice work!
  • Really good production, but except Danny Elfman's Batman theme ( w/out the last note ) there's not much batman in it.
  • @Tristan Been thinking a little about making the end a bit grander based on what you said. Some choirs could probably do the job. I will try that :-)


    @Emily Thank you!


    @Mikolai Thanks. Well it was meant to be my own take on a hero theme and not a remix of Danny Elfmans excellent Batman theme. I have not been listening to his track lately and that first the four notes endend up being the same as in his theme was not intentional (and rhythmic the 4 note passage is different too). I could just as easily had ended up calling it Blue Lantern or something like that - just thought the indirect reference in the title was kind of fun. So when you say there is not much Batman in it you are correct :-)

  • No, it's all cool, is just batman is a mood and a feelling which your song is not about. Just call it blue lantern ;)
  • Yes I get your point, after listening to the track a couple of times I can easily see what you mean. Maybe I should do a track with a darker and more mysterious sound someday :-)
  • I think you succeded with giving it more of a real sound, some of the string-parts there sounded VERY real in my ears ;)


    I really enjoyed listening to this. There's just one thing that is kind of bothering me and that's the fact that it isn't very long ;) I think you can explore the themes you got here much more, I felt there was always this rush to the next theme. But as I said, I really enjoyed this! Very nice sound overall!

  • Hi, took a while because I have been busy with a crazy sci fi animation project of mine, but here is the extended version of the track.


    • the first two themes are now longer
    • the end is more massive
    • better instrument volume control
    • a small selection of woodwinds and brass effects was added
    • few tweaks here and there


    Overall the same themes, but with your ideas now being a part of it - thanks :-)

    Made som artwork as well...



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