Last Tango

Hello all,

Thought I'd share a simple piano piece that I placed over an ambient airport backdrop.  Would love to hear your thoughts! I did this mainly as an experiment but was quite pleased with the relaxing feel to it - I'll admit that I did this mainly based on the fact that I myself find it relaxing to hear the ambient noise of people around me - I can't be the only one!

Renan Javier Cabrera - Last Tango

Enjoy and thanks in advance for your feedback.

-Renan Javier

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  • Thanks again Susan! Looks like we're bumping into each other everywhere haha.  

    Glad you enjoyed it though! I like to think the ambient chatter in the background adds another layer to the melancholic melody.  Maybe I will try more experiments like this in the future.  

    Thanks for the feedback!

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