La petite Nocturne

You can listen to it here .there a description as well,there. I'd really like to hear your comments and opinions! the recording is totaly crappy,if anyone wants the Sheet to play it and listen to it more clearly,just let me know

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  • I enjoyed it . The recording wasn't too bad, either. Nice melody and triplets against duplets for variety. What would Chopin have done differently ? - some brief modulations and chords borrowed from a different key would have made the piece more like quality classical music, rather than the sort of "mood music" that might accompany a TV programme.
    • thanks for your time.tend to avoid key changes, because I cannot use them nicely,in a way they fit. at least I didn't know more about foreign chords etc when I wrote it...
  • I'm a giant Chopin fan, I like it, very nice!
  • Hi,

    I took a listen to your piece and I agree with Adrian. modulations of some kind (brief or otherwise) and some non diatonic harmonies would serve this piece well. I also think it would help if there was a kind of motivic idea flowing throughout the piece that would help to give it a sense of unity or fulfillment...doesn't have to be something grand really as this is a "petite" Nocturne.

    I don't know how much theory/harmony or scores you've studied but the more you do it will help spur your own sense or style of modulations and non diatonic harmonies.

    But, its a good piece. Definitely moody with lots of potential :)
    • thanks for your words.I almost finished the compulsary harmony course,and after a year,I'll got for the mor "in-depth" one,and also do most of the other theoretic classes
  • Since I'm just a beginner I can't say much about the technical/structural part, but I like the dreamy sound of it :)
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