Hi, everyone, in 2016 I composed a Kyrie for a-capella choir. At this time I was very much touched by the spiritual music by Palestrina and I wanted to write something that would express this kind of spirituality and transcedence. I also wrote this in a version for string quartett. I had pretty much forgotten this piece, but as James brought forth his chorus last week with the fantastic sound tool Voices of Prague, I remembered this piece again and James is open to try to record this with his choir tool - Thank you, James, I hope this will work out ...! :-)

Here is my string quartett version. It is a kind of meditation and should be listened to as such...:




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  • Hi,

    thank you. I struggled a bit to grasp a clear structure in this piece (apart from passages at 02:30 and 08:40 which have a sense of Pachelbel's Canon to them). It could be great as background music, as it is pleasant and flowing, and its "indifference" (to my humble ears) could be just the right thing for a purpose. There is possibly not a much too exciting or challenging about it for the players, musically or technically.

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