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 I seem to like songs with nautical Ideas and themes. In this case it's a little scary since it's about the Kraken.  The music is a hybrid of sorts in that it combines a celtic feel at the beginning and moves into something resembling prog rock at the 2nd 2/3. 

I attempted to show the fierceness of the Kraken through  the music. 

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Hi again, Timothy,

Well, it's a most enjoyable piece of music. Easy to listen to - nothing jarring and there's little - well nothing - to critique. The balance, production and musical content are fine. 

- except it didn't come across as fierce or even assertive. Perhaps we all have different reactions to the mood of a piece. It seemed to carry it's Celtic tone throughout.

I loved the ending.

So, well done, and thanks for giving me a pleasant listen. 

All the best,


Wonderful sound Tim and the combination or celtic and rock is a great idea. The ending is cool as Dane has noted. I was thinking the rock section could benefit from some ensemble passages but the celtic section sort of serves as a "head" to the rock solo.  Doesn't seem Krakenish at all but who cares?

 I agree Dane, this was a very passive Kraken ;) 


Many thanks to you. I should maybe rethink the Kraken ideas.

Hi Tim,

I like it a lot. It is tremendously powerful. Actually I thought about making music around an octopus today and here it was done already.

I like the guitar-like accompaniment, gives a remarkable strength to the piece.

It was a pleasure.


A very enjoyable and wonderful work, (there was some rock music there, even perhaps light metal) nice vibe throughout.

Thanks for sharing, Tim



I'm a big fan of prog rock, so I LOVED it.  Def had some ELP vibes to it.  The synth is sweet.  Did you play any of this?  How did you create it?  

Thanks to everyone for listening and the thoughtful replies. Kjell Please put your octopus ideas up! 

Douglas, Thanks! That makes two of us. I seem to progress naturally on the prog rock direction  when I solo keys.

I initially lost several hours of work on this due to a DAW crash. The end result is somewhat different than I planned it to be.

The only loops are the Irish bouzouki loops and some of the drums. The rest was played. Kontakt libraries include, Mimi Page Light & Shadow from Soundiron, A celtic collections library, instruments played in, Guitars were a combination of a keyboard patch and Sampletank 4. Flute is Precision Sound Celtic whistles v.2, Keyboard solo is AIR Vaccum, Violin is Boulder Sounds violin.

Began in Mixcraft Pro 9. Exported to Cakewalk by Bandlab for finish mix. Mastered with IK Lurrsen Mastering console.

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