• anyone?
  • Nice job, this sounds very epic. I especially like the instrument blending, which is quite well done. I don't really have any criticisms for this piece--it's perfect for its intended medium, as I can totally imagine it in a movie trailer.

  • This composition sounds great. I would recommend possibly not having so much in or in the forefront at the same time. The mix of the music is more like radio then film in my opinion. It is a really great piece of work and think you just need more headroom in the mix. For example, the trombone and low brass hit should "hit". It is like everything is ran through a compressor.


    If it is, by all means, turn the compressor off and use a limiter if you have too. If the limiter is engaging often then turn the over all volume down. The ceiling should really only be hit on the big parts and when the trombones and low brass hit. The word here from me would be "Dynamics"


    Really great composition though. Keep up the good work!

  • I also think this is very well done. Got that epic feeling to it that most trailer music has and also the rapid move foreword - bringing the trailer and the viewer to the climax in the end. I also like the small themes you have in it.

    About the mixing, like Kirk says it seems that there is a little too much compression going on. Maybe it is just the audio file that is of low quality?
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