I'm happy with the track overall, but I have a concern that the string runs about 2/3 of the way through  may go on too long.  I would appreciate your critique of this, and anything else that might be out of balance.  I'm also wondering if the end of the section before the return of the main theme may be too wimpy...I didn't create a transition.  Also, any changes needed in the mix?

Thanks so much for any suggestions/opinions!


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  • I like this piece and think it achieves your objective generally.  There are three things I'd want to do to it, if it were my own work. (I didn't think the strings ran too long but maybe should be lowered in the mix a bit.)

    The first thing is that I think the piece needs an overall melody that plays over the lively main portions, some sort of soaring main instrument that enters about a third of the way through and then exits before the end. The 2nd thing I'd do is keep the rhythm and percussion going when you transition into the quieter portion, perhaps bring it down in volume, but keep it there, because that's when the piece seems to lose some "umph" for me. The third is to give it some foundation with some lower EQ bass notes overall, as the whole work seems to be existing in the treble world for me.  Otherwise, I liked it very much.

    I didn't picture a boy as much as busy adults in their work-a-day world, getting on with things. It has a very "opening theme" feel to it, big city, positive energy, things getting done. Nice work!

  • Keith, thank you so much for taking a listen and for your critique. I will take your observations into consideration.
  • The more I think about it, the more I think you are right about the return of the main theme.  I will work on that.  Thanks!

    MM Coston said:

    I like it overall. I agree with Keith, it was a little disappointing when the percussion dropped out, I kept expecting an occasional accent. I also agree that adding a low end would be nice.  

    I didn't find the end of that section wimpy. But I did wish that the return of the main theme brought with it an interestingly developed version of the theme or something that would have kept my interest to the last note. As it is, I had to make myself continue to pay attention for that last part.

    Kinda Happy- Suggestions/Critique Request
    I'm happy with the track overall, but I have a concern that the string runs about 2/3 of the way through  may go on too long.  I would appreciate you…
  • I really like the carefree and joyful atmosphere. If this had a color it would be white, bright blue and yellow, like a bright sunny day where you forget all your smaller or bigger sorrows and problems and just live and enjoy the very moment. 

    I agree that the opening is well done, I would probably add some more variation, maybe a small bridge-like part or just some subtle chord-substitutions or inversions to the section at 0:55 - 1:27.

  • Thanks Timo. Makes sense.
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