Kalamatianos dance in maqam zavil

Listen to Kalamatianos dance in maqam zavil by Spiros makris #np on #SoundCloud http://soundcloud.com/spiros-makris/kalamatianos-dance-in-maqam I'm on my phone and typing is rather hard. I don't know how to upload a score with this thing. Zavil is a combination of maqams Mahur and nikriz.

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  • Ok I got this. 


  • Hi Spyros,

    I nearly missed this (for looking at a lot of other more irrelevant threads). I am glad I did not in the end.

    I agree with your definition of Zavil as Mahur + Nikriz, but much more importantly I enjoyed your creative fleur and inventiveness in utilizing both these 5chords, and the fact that you keep it simple harmonically (ie non westernized).

    I liked both the set 7/8 sections and the improvisatory ones including the opening taxim.

    Your manuscript sketch is a bit blurry but thanks for providing it as a reference for those who may need it. (I do normally, but not in this case).

    Sincere congratulations, keep it up!

    Thanks for sharing and Happy New Year!

  • Wish you a happy new year as well.
    I'm glad that you like it. This was a very unprepared performance, which is why I didn't use a richer left hand part. I experimented more with it and it turns out this is all it needs.
    I didn't realize it before working with zavil - even though that definition (or the more accurate "a Mahur that cadences with the color of nikriz") is correct it fails to reveal that in that context the Mahur phrases take on a whole new quality and the mustear colors arise very naturally and effortlessly. This is more obvious on the taxim but to me the second theme borrows a lot from that too.
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