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One of many I've written over the years:

I used Realivox vocal software for the voice.

Thanks for your time.



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Well, what a lovely vocal. Altogether a splendid piece, calm, ethereal. The balance allows the voice to dominate albeit quietly. It also enticed me to look up Realivox as an alternative to the voices I use. But for the fact my SSDs are all but full up, I'd go for it, preferring the female voice. Once the winter bills are over I'll up the drives to 2Tb then this is definitely on the cards. 

My only misgiving was the ending. I felt it needed something more conclusive. It just stops. Even a fade-out would do or a briefly sustained tone.

Otherwise a mesmerising piece, well-produced.

Congrats. And, well, it's Christmas day... best wishes for that.


Hi DC,

This is well-produced and fits in with the ethereal/soft quality I see you were aiming for. As it has no beat or pulse, the voice just floats above the music, and is certainly where the interest of the piece comes from. I felt as it went along that it sounded at every point the same as at every other point, which is ok in such a short piece, but I think I might have enjoyed it more if there was some greater degree of differentiation between the highs and lows of the pitches. The melody of the voice brings to mind sounds I have heard in progressive rock, and I would be interested to see a score if you have one you can share -

Thanks for posting!


Hello, Dane & Gav. Thank you for listening & the kind words.

Yes I totally agree regarding the ending. The thing is all the new tracks are for a music video project I'm working on where I'll have CGI alien characters playing each instrument. This particular track needs to end as it does due to what's happening in the video. Learning how to use all the CGI software is doing my old brain in- the music's the easy part. But, getting there slowly.

Thanks again for your time & happy Christmas/ new year to you & all.



Very, very good.

I'm not much longer into the genre, but this piece demostrates that there's room for taste and originality in these musical territories.

Must dig further into Realivox...

 Very realistic vocal. Nicely done.

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