Journey Strings

I have been thinking about how to improve this tune, but not sure. The name is a little misleading because I put in a pipe organ into one of the tracks for fill and a feel of power. (shrug) Is it too strange....not dynamic enough?

I welcome insights, praises, and constructive criticisms.


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  • Hi Darell,

    What I can apprehend in all this is successive big chordal sections with sustained strings and arpeggiated figures on other instruments plus some scalic elements all circling in basic chord progressions in one key (is it supposed to be minimalist?), and if I could call something as a purely melodic element, it would be still very harmony-derived.

    But since you ask on "how to improve this tune", all I could say is that the tune is notable by its absence.

    I don’t mean to downplay the importance of your effort or be in any way pedantic or overcritical, cause I don’t know much about how this type of music is constructed, but what do you mean "tune"?

    Tune as in "twinkle-twinkle little star" or "Danny Boy" etc, I could not hear any.

    Thanks for sharing, welcome to the forum!

  • Thanks, Sacrates. I can't say against what standard or type of sounds you're comparing my song against, so I have no basis from which to draw parallels for a full understanding of your feedback. I can say, however, that I have worked with other artists, one of whom is Eric Whitacre, who expressed a fairly high degree of satisfaction in my work. Some of those artists of which I speak dabble in the commercial music arena, some in the classics, others in crowd-pleasing, toe-tapping movements of the modern era that, although culturally accepted in some quadrants, receive plentiful sneers from the snooty crowds. (Gotta love diversity.) As for myself, I like variability, and even departures from stagnant paradigms in all music. Just wanted to give a little background of my perspective and experience. Of course, there's always room for improvement for me, so I welcome and value the perspectives of others.

    Hmmm. Absent a tune..... I will have to give that some thought.

    Thanks again, and have a blessed one.

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