For Composers Considering Joining this Site

Hello to anyone reading this post who is interested in joining this site. You have come to one of the premier sites on the internet for composers around the world to share music and ideas. Amateurs and pros, beginners and experienced composers, may be found here sharing their music, commenting on and critiquing each others' works and in general having a grand time discussing various topics on and around music.

While membership on this site is free, you have to request it, and the mere act of doing so is not a guarantee that you will be let in. There's a brief questionnaire you have to fill out to prove that you are a composer. If you apply for membership, take the questionnaire seriously - let us know who you are, what composition you do, and give us some details. You don't have to write your life story, but if you provide no information about yourself whatsoever, your request to join may be rejected.

~An admin

p.s. while membership is free, the site isn't. This site costs money to maintain and must be paid for every year. If you do join the site and like it, please note the donation link at the top of the page and consider helping us keep it going.

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