Jitter Jatter

This is a solo piano piece I wrote a couple of weeks back. I'm mainly looking for any feedback regarding the composition itself, although critique of the production is also welcome. It's called 'Jitter Jatter' because of the staccato parts at the start and I couldn't think of a better name after that ;) The piece isn't really supposed to be adhering to any type of form, although I suppose it could be loosely labelled as ABABCD. I guess that has a name, but I don't know it!


I know the attached sheet music isn't as neat/well arranged as it could be, things like 4 eighth note rests when there one half note rest and the like. This is due to the way I compose... It makes things easier if I want to change stuff later in the program I use.


Anyway, feel free to rip into it, I'll listen around to others stuff when I get the time and offer what critique I can :)



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  • Hi Jake, I love the energy of this piece. It kept my attention and had some interesting twists and turns that were wonderful surprises. 

    For me, right around 2:24 minutes in, it seems to lose focus and feels indecisive. It has such a driving rhythm before that, I can see that you might have wanted to thin it out at that point to have a different texture, but it feels like something is missing. Perhaps another instrument? Or a clear decisive committed feel to the slower part? In any event, I'd love to hear more posts of your music!  Nancy Tucker 

  • Nice Baroque style piece. I feel that after about a minute it needs some sort of a key change or modulation to a different tonal area. Also, I think it would have made more sense structurally to return to the main theme at the end; I expected it to come back but it didn't. However, I liked the energy and the energy and the counterpoint in your music.

    Obviously the score is only very rough - what software have you used?
  • Thank you both for your comments. I suppose I should have mentioned in the initial post that I don't really like conventional form :D Occasionally I use it but generally I dislike re-using parts of a composition anymore than twice because it bores me (as a composer) even though I might enjoy it as a listener. If that makes sense. The slower part could perhaps benefit from some reworking.


    There is a key change in the piece at 1:36 in at bar 52. The piece starts in D minor (though sort of briefly switches to the relative major) and changes to G minor. Though perhaps you mean repeat the same theme in a different key? I did try that but it felt like the piece needed a change of material more than a change of key; though both happen at 1:36 / bar 52. The software I use for scoring is Guitar Pro 5. I have Sibelius but it doesn't really do anything different than GP5 (their differences are mostly cosmetic in my opinion).


    I might clean up the score a little and upload it again. Once more, thanks for the feedback :)

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